Who we areprofesh

We are Otey White & Associates. At this point you’ve likely come to that conclusion though. If you really want to know who we are we’d first like to begin with who we’re not. Well we’re not gurus, masters or the leading authority on all that is marketing. This isn’t karate. Belts aren’t awarded for such titles. We are people; people that enjoy marketing.

Beyond the fun of it all we’re people that enjoy results. Let’s be honest here. That’s the bottom line. It’s driving force behind building a brand that is backed by sound research, planning and creative. We’re people with a process that has served our clients well for over 20 years.

So we’ll leave the made up titles to everyone else and stick with things you can measure: results.

What we do

girlsBrand management has come a long way since the seared backsides of bulls and their bovine brethren. These days it requires a little more skill than a steady hand to do real branding. It takes a team of doers, writers, designers, thinkers, communicators, planners and visionaries to truly leave a lasting mark. As a full-service advertising and Public Relations firm, Otey White & Associates can manage all the channels of marketing necessary to help grow your business.
Whether it’s traditional, digital or a nice medley of both we can help figure out the plan best suited to your target audience. We create the plans, make the buys, tailor the message, share it with the world and help you expand your brands presence. Here at OWA we do it all and with over 25 years of experience at our disposal we’ve likely seen it all too.

Why we do it

christmasUnlike 70% of working Americans we genuinely love what we do. We enjoy the relationships, the challenges, the victories and all the hard work in between. It’s exhilarating and the hand stinging high-fives we share are all the payment we need. Well there is that money thing too but only because high-fives don’t generate enough static electricity to power our coffee maker. 

More important we do it for our clients. Without them there is no Otey White & Associates and the void left by our high flying fingers makes the world a much quieter place.

These days we take even greater pride in our extensive list of services especially when the trend in our industry is small boutique shops. Trends are great. We’ve even indulged in a few ourselves – perms, affliction shirts and yes, we’ve even subjected our tender eyes to Jersey Shore. As a business model we prefer to stick to the classics; full-service and great service all under one roof.

So let’s make some noise in the market place and grow your brand. While the average American may not love what they do we can help make sure they love what you do.